Forests are indispensable and our life-support system. The air we breathe is from the forest and we rely on food, biodiversity energy, and much more. Forest are crucial for maintaining and increasing human well-being and putting our societies on a sustainable path.

On the other hand, the wilderness in forestry is uncharted territory. It is a high-risk industry niche since it is impossible to control every aspect of the working environment.

The only way to improve safety in forests is with better supervision, clear communication, training, and equipment. In this article, we will look at the major risk & solutions faced by forestry workers, with the forest itself and how Comm-Set can mitigate those risks.

Biological Hazards

The wilderness has many risky biological hazards. There are multiple types of trees, plants, insects, reptiles, and other animals you have to worry about. It is important to scan the area you will be working in and be alerted for anything that might appear.

Uneven Terrain

Have you ever gone on a hike in the forest and found trails that are nicely built, without a single rut in the ground? Of course, you have not, and no one else has. Working in the forest means walking hiking on uneven terrain. You are likely to deal with bumps, hills, exposed roots, rocks, and different types of soils. All of these cause workers to trip or slip.

Forest Fires

The most disastrous hazard forestry workers are likely to face is a forest fire. Fire control is a top priority for these job sites, using controlled burns, creating fire breaks, and connecting the forestry department to get an instant backup.

In the case of forest fire, the risk isn’t just getting burned but also suffering and exhausting from heat, inhaling smoke and toxic, and eye burning from smoke.

In all these instances, communication is key. It is important to warn each other of potential danger and make sure everyone knows the surroundings. This can avoid accidents and ensure smooth flow of work. It is in these instances, that Comm-Set can play a big part. With its always-on wireless intercom solution, no time is lost by fumbling around, looking for buttons to press. Simply speak in case of emergency and warn your colleagues in real-time.

Forestry workers using Comm-Set


It is not only about what might happen, but also about what you are working with. Chainsaws are forestry workers’ best partners but are also cause of potential damage. The loud nature of the device can seriously harm a worker’s hearing over time. Hearing protection devices are already standard practice. But wearing traditional hearing protectors also means that you are completely isolated from your surroundings, not being able to hear what could be important for you. This is why Comm-Set not only offers advanced hearing protection but also comes with situational awareness reducing harmful sounds to safe Decibel levels while allowing important signals such as the beeping of a reversing truck through.


Forestry workers need a complete understanding of the hazards and risks that come with their selected careers. Nature is beautiful and it can also be deadly. So, preparation and clear communication are key. Having a fluid and intuitive communication device can be the difference maker many forestry workers desperately need.

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