Sordin, one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of cutting-edge PPE, has teamed with Cardo Crew in the development of a new generation of ‘smart’ hearing protectors set to revolutionise how mobilised teams communicate and protect their hearing in the field. 

Swedish-based hearing protection pioneer, Sordin, has announced the launch of a new generation of ‘smart’ hearing protectors that combine high-end protection with cutting-edge communications technology provided by leading critical communications expert, Cardo Crew.

Ground-breaking technology

The SHARE device, launched in August 2021, is a ground-breaking electronic hearing protector designed to deliver game-changing benefits to mission-critical teams mobilised in the field and was developed together with Cardo Crew. Its launch marks the next vital step toward true, unified communication on the ground without compromising on the safety and wellbeing of workers or disrupting their productivity. SHARE will combine Cardo’s state-of-the-art dynamic mesh communications technology with features such as ambient sound filtering, voice activation and a dedicated mobile app, allowing workers to engage their colleagues in noisy environments and pick up information easily with two-way, hands-free communication that doesn’t put their hearing at risk.

With the device, teams on the ground will be able to clearly pick up important sounds such as instructions from colleagues or warning signals, whilst also protecting them from potentially damaging noise from machinery and other sounds. Thanks to Cardo’s dynamic mesh technology, two-way, hands-free communication for groups of two to 15 workers will also be possible via a fully autonomous network, without the need for a traditional base station, making SHARE the perfect communication tool for busy teams on the move in noisy environments.

The new standard of hearing protection

Peter Ovrin, Global Product Manager at Sordin, commented on the launch: “Protecting against harmful noise in the field is absolutely essential for worker safety, but many users of Sordin hearing protectors also need a safe and seamless way to communicate with their colleagues. Sordin has designed and developed the SHARE hearing protector to solve this particular challenge. With Cardo’s state-of-the-art Dynamic Mesh Technology, and other supporting features such as a mobile app, voice control and Bluetooth, SHARE is a groundbreaking product that will revolutionise hearing protection and communication in the field.”

The move also creates a valuable opportunity for Cardo Crew to further extend its award-winning technology to relevant industry verticals, with a primary focus on the European PPE market where Sordin’s product will initially be launched.

Shachar Harari, Chief Business Officer & Head of Cardo Crew commented: “Sordin’s strong brand and 30-year experience in the field will prove invaluable to Cardo’s efforts to make our technology available across verticals where team communications are critical. There are countless applications and use cases, including industrial and construction environments, where the combination of Cardo Crew’s state of the art intercom system and Sordin’s expertise in designing best-in-class hearing protection devices would be an excellent fit.”