SRS Tactical, the USA and Canadian-based supplier of high-quality hearing, head, eye, and body protection products partners up with Cardo Crew to introduce a revolutionary smart hearing protection device to the North American market.

SRS Tactical announces Control-Com AMi headset, a new hearing protection and group communication solution designed by Cardo Crew, the industrial division of Cardo Systems. Combining active and passive noise reduction with Cardo’s award-winning mesh intercom technology, Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC™), AMi headset provides superior performance, safety, and reliability. is being launched as the dedicated website to showcase this new product and here is an end user’s personal experience with the Control-Com Ami headset.

Designed for professional, safety, and industrial markets, the AMi Headset allows two to fifteen team members to communicate on the go and hands-free. It is ergonomically designed, equipped with the best hearing protection capabilities and 100% autonomous. No base stations or cellular coverage are needed to communicate.

All-in-one protection for crews

Shachar Harari, Head of Cardo Crew stated: “We’re excited SRS Tactical is launching Control-Com AMi headset (Auto-Adaptive Mesh Intercom) because it provides an all-in-one protection and communication solution, redefining the boundaries of short-range team communications.”

To facilitate safety and teamwork, the AMi Headset is equipped with two level-dependent microphones that enable situational awareness, letting some of the ambient noise through, while reducing other ambient noise to a safe level if it gets too loud.

Steve Brown, Vice President of SRS Tactical comments on the new partnership and the introduction of their new line of hearing protectors: “We are proud to be a partner of Cardo Crew and leverage our 15-plus years of expertise in hearing protection and team communication solutions. The need for an effective form of communication has only been growing over the last few years and we are proud of the performance Cardo’s technology will bring to customers throughout North America. It was clear from the start that Cardo takes pride in the quality of their products and doesn’t cut any corners along the way.”